On April 8th, 2016, Fundatia de DezvoltareLocala SPERANTA launched under the brand "FAPTE VERZI"(translated “GREEN DEEDS”) the first series of “green” products - products made of environmentally friendly textile materials and/or recyclable materials, coming from its own activity and from the textile industry in the region. The products are handmade and address both legal entities and individuals. On customer’s request, we can customize the products with serigraphy or thermal transfer in the protected unit’s workshops. Why "green products"?   Because they are:
  • made of environmentally friendly textile materials and recyclable textile waste, that we value by reintroducing them into the economic circuit
  • reusable in the long term
  • made with respect and care for the environment
  • with creative and attractive design
  • of quality and competitive prices
To whom are the products intended?
  • Businesses, public institutions or NGOs - with products for their current activity, gifts, marketing activities and events.
  • Tourists from the country and abroad that pass through our region - with products inspired by the history, traditions and stories of these places.
  • Domestic segment, with products for home, garden and car.
  • Pupils and students, to whom we proposeto replace the plastic covers for books and notebooks with ecological covers, attractive design, customized on request. ............. The list remains open because we are creative and we like the challenges coming from our customers.
With patience, skill and a lot of dedication, the people employed in the workshop give life and value to each textile product, writing stories on canvas. By purchasing these products, you buy their stories, participating simultaneously at the writing of another story .....our story. To view our products, visit us at our headquarters in TirguNeamt, str. Slt. RaduTeoharie, nr. 2 or below in the gallery section dedicated to our products.